The past with air jordan shoes

Enjoy The Great Looks Of The Past With Vintage Shoes

Vintage clothing is at an all time high in popularity. Popular Hollywood stars like Mandy Moore, Charlie Sheen and Drew Barrymore are hardcore vintage fans and they wear the very best in vintage fashions. However, if you are interested in vintage shoes, it can be quite difficult. Most owners discard air jordan shoes when they start to deteriorate and you might not find good quality wearable models. Moreover, the lightest use can result in significant wear and tear. Wearing them may also result in aching legs and feet. If you are interested in finding the best vintage fashions and shoes at affordable rates, here are a few tips on how to proceed.

Researching The Styles And Finding Local Vintage Stores

Before you actually start shopping, try researching the styles and trends that you like. For example, shoes in the 20s were quite clunky but are trendy on the current fashion scene. Vintage shoes in the 1940s had cork heels and wedge heels which are very trendy nowadays while 1950s models came with pencil heels and patent leather styles that were very popular.

Once you have selected the style and the fit that you are interested in, you can start shopping. Please note though that finding the exact style, fit, color and model is going to be literally impossible. Ensure that you carry a reference book that has pictures of the shoes that you are interested in so that you can refer to it. Vintage stores, antique fairs, yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores are present in every city and they are the best venue for these shoes. In fact, we suggest that you first check with the store owner about their store collection and find out how and when they update their shoes.

Local flea markets, thrift stores and antique stores are the best place to have a fun time but to still find something to go home with. You can pick and choose styles that you are interested in. But if you are in it for fun, then have fun and buy whatever catches your eye. cheap jewelry

General Precautions On Buying Online And In Person

1. Before buying check the shoes for cracks, Lucite and rips in the fabric of the shoe.

2. Sizes of these shoes can be drastically different. Try on the shoes before buying as vintage shoe sizes were quite different as compared to modern shoe sizes.

3. Test the shoe for durability by gently flexing the shoe sole. Gently pull on straps and fastenings to make sure that the shoe will be able to take up the wear and tear of a normal walking day.

4. Try to buy direct from the source as you are more likely to get better quality shoes and cheaper rates.

Buying online

You can try shopping for these shoes online as it is one of the best places to find great shoes at affordable rates. Etsy and Ebay will always carry a few vintage shoes on auctions that are open to the general public. Take a look around even if you don't want to purchase yet.
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